Does anyone know any good websites where i can download free music and free video clips ?

I need to know some websites where i can get free music and free video clips. Try to give me more than one and the websites with the video clips don't have to be music related. Serious answers only please.

Hi there,

I myself use Limewire – to download all my audio music, generally the format from limewire for music is in mp3 format. Click on the website above for limewire to download the free version.

For video clips I use Youtube –

However, to save the video clips from Youtibe you need a transfer/conversion program to save the video clips, to do this I would reccomend downloading

Xilisoft You Tube Video Converter from the following website:

Be aware though that you need to pay for this version but once you have the program the conversion from Youtube prouduce's practically no lose in video output and you can convert audio clips into various formats.

Youtube has probably the best site for acquiring much of the video (music) clips that your most likely looking for.

Best of luck

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